Buying foreign real estate, real estate abroad

- European Company, which will provide you with effective real estate investment and business in Latvia.

We will create a stable and secure income from investments, will prevent legal risks, minimize your costs when purchasing residential and commercial real estate and business in Latvia.

Why with us?

We have a unique database of objects for investment in Latvia

We work directly with vendors, do not cheat the price, so save your money. Good knowledge of the seller, the object and the situation of sale.

Everything from one source

- agency full cycle. In our arsenal all the services you may need for the selection, purchase, maintenance, management and finance. We will do everything to own property and businesses in Latvia has become for you an enjoyable and burdensome.


We are the leading partners of Latvian banks, insurance and investment companies. If we trust the leading companies in the country, so with us is profitable and safe to do business.


In our agency experts with vast experience and wealth of contacts in different industries and market segments in Latvia. So we can solve almost any set before us the task.

We recommend

We select for our customers really profitable objects for investment in Latvia. Our clients stay with us for many years and recommend us to their friends. Call your area and we will provide you with recommendations for our client, who lives near you.


The more services you get, the cheaper they are, or may be free.


Our European service, and knowledge of Russian - is the convenience and comfort for you.

Our knowledge of local and foreign mentality - it is an important tool in their work.

We work to make you relaxed

Our staff works hard to free our customers from daily cares. We shall undertake the management of the facility, accounting and tax reporting, interaction with state bodies and institutions.

Sincerely and with gratitude for the confidence