July 1, 2010 came into force changes in the law Latviskoy Republic "On Immigration", provide an opportunity for foreign investors to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia for a period of 5 years and on this basis to move freely within the Schengen area.

One way to get a temporary residence permit is to purchase real estate in Latvia.

Buying a property

in Riga, Riga region planning * or in other major cities of the country **
total amount of transactions
at least 100 000 lats (143 000)
outside of Riga, Riga planning region or other major cities of the country,
total amount of transactions
not less than 50 000 lats (71 500 euros)

* Riga planning region is located in the central part of Latvia, and its center is Riga. In the territory of the region includes Riga, Jurmala, Riga's former, Tukums, Ogre and Limbaži areas.
** Daugavpils, Jekabpils, Jelgava, Liepaja, Rezekne, Valmiera, Ventspils.

It is important to:

  • property must be acquired after July 1, 2010;
  • A foreign citizen is not and never had debts to the State of Latvia;
  • credit goes to the payment transaction in the form of non-cash calculation.

Together with a foreign citizen to request documents of a residence permit may also apply:

  • spouse of a foreign citizen,
  • their minor (and being cared for) children
  • persons under his guardianship.

  1. Investment types, which give foreign nationals the right to obtain a residence permit (permit) in Latvia.
  2. What are the advantages of a residence permit (permit) in Latvia to other countries.
  3. What makes a residence permit (permit) in Latvia.
  4. Documents required to obtain a residence permit in Latvia.
  5. In some cases, may be denied a residence permit in Latvia.

1. Investment types, which give foreign nationals the right to obtain a residence permit (permit) in Latvia

Making your loan (deposit)

Subordinated debt
200 000 LVL
or equivalent
~ 300 000 EUR,
~ 400 000 USD
a period five years, ≥

Buying a property

100 000 LVL (143 000 EUR)
in Riga and in big cities
50 000 LVL (72 000 EUR)
in regions

Opening a business in Latvia

25 000 LVL (36 000 EUR)
20 000 LVL (28 000 EUR)
per year

2. What are the advantages of a residence permit (permit) in Latvia to other countries

  • The uniqueness of the Latvian program that Riga does not require any minimum period of residence in the country, although in other states is a mandatory requirement
  • On the amount of buying real estate again, Latvia has the advantage of 143 000 Euros. For example, in Bulgaria or Montenegro to invest 500 000 euros. In the Czech Republic a more complicated procedure - need to open a legal entity by which to shop and which will belong to the purchased property. In countries such as England, Switzerland - residence permit to get much harder and more expensive.
  • The speed and convenience of application. After 2 months you a resident of the EU with all the social rights and guarantees!

In many EU countries is not possible to obtain a residence permit once in 5 years. First you need to be formalized annual work visa with or without the right to leave the country within a certain sroka.V countries where it is not required, it may first be granted a residence permit for one year - two and only after a longer time. And the process of registration may take more than six months. When working with an agency RD Global, the applicant will need to come to Riga vsegona one day at the time of immediate residence.

3. What makes a residence permit (permit) in Latvia

  • Residence permit in Latvia, provides an opportunity to freely enter and leave the country, work here, learn to use health and public services, issue an invitation for the visa is issued to relatives and others who produce the same social security as citizens of Latvia (unemployment benefits, allowance for childbirth, medicine, education, etc.)
  • Residence permit in Latvia allows visa-free travel to the territory of all States who are in the Schengen zone (except UK), up to 90 days within six months.
  • Owner vtda residence permit in Latvia does not have to travel outside the Schengen area for the annual re-registration, as well as to take your passport for an indefinite term in state immigration authorities, as is the case with a Schengen visa. Accordingly, after receiving a temporary residence permit freedom of movement can not be limited for at least five years.
  • No failures at the entrance to the EU. For owners of the residence open to all EU countries, and in other countries become easier to travel. Even if you have previously obtained a visa is refused, or for any other reason you could not get entry into a country, then after obtaining a residence permit you will not bounce without legal authority.
  • You can buy and register cars in Latvia. Having a temporary residence permit in Latvia you can buy a car, or more, and travel freely in any country in the world. You can not pass a car in the management proxy outside the EU.
  • You can pass a driving license in Latvia, and get right in force throughout the EU and many countries around the world. You can also for a small fee and examination of the theory to exchange their existing rights, the rights of Latvia, which you can use on its territory
  • At the expiration of 5 years or have the opportunity to extend a temporary residence permit for another 5 years, or to obtain a permanent residence permit by the expiration of five years each participant has an opportunity to get unlimited (permanent) residence permit. This will help in the future, not only to obtain citizenship, but a number of social and economic benefits in other EU countries.
  • After 10 years it is possible to obtain citizenship. After passing through the naturalization process may become a full EU citizen you and your children. Enjoy social benefits, Latvia and the EU, education, free travel, benefits, work and do business.

4. Documents required to obtain a residence permit in Latvia

To obtain a temporary residence permit must provide recognized in the Republic of Latvia a valid travel document - passport (valid for an additional 1.3 years from the date of receipt of stickers), and the following documents:

  • questionnaire to obtain residence zhitelstvo standard form;
  • photography;
  • criminal record issued by the competent institution of the country of nationality or residence (for foreign citizens older than 14 years), if a foreigner staying there longer than 12 months; certificate must be legalized in the Republic of Latvia;
  • a document confirming the necessary subsistence support (minimum wage in triple the amount - 540 Ls per month, means to live for 1 year, funding for the spouse - 180 Ls per month per child - 60% of the minimum wage -108 Ls in month);
  • document confirming the envisaged place of residence in the Republic of Latvia;
  • a document confirming that payment for the purchase of real property made in the form of non-cash calculation;
  • a document confirming that the alien has no arrears in payment of property tax if the property is his property for longer than one year;
  • payment document confirming the payment of state fees.

Upon receipt of the permit for temporary foreign national must provide:

  • valid health insurance policy for the year;
  • certificate issued by the Latvian medical institutions, that he does not suffer from active tuberculosis.

If the documents have been filed outside of Latvia:

  • following the decision of a foreign citizen is issued a long-term visa, and after entry into Latvia, it should apply to the Department of Citizenship and Migration Board to obtain a temporary residence permit;

IMPORTANT: The decision to grant a temporary residence permit for three months really. If a foreigner does not choose a solution within the prescribed period, the entire procedure will have to spend again.

Bonding of a temporary residence permit will be issued for one year and 30 days before it expires foreign national for re-registration of a residence permit must submit the following documents:

  • health insurance for the following year;
  • a certificate from the government for payment of property taxes;
  • a document confirming payment of state duty.

5. In some cases, may be denied a residence permit in Latvia

Third-country national may be refused a residence permit if:

  • not represented and fulfilled all the formalities for filing the necessary documents for requesting a residence permit;
  • provided false information;
  • lack of necessary funds to stay in the Republic of Latvia;
  • brought by a travel document is not valid on the territory of the Republic of Latvia;
  • the absence of a travel document;
  • health status of the foreign citizen is a threat to society. The exception is when the goal is to treat the arrival in the territory of the Republic of Latvia;
  • illegal stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Latvia and its assisting another alien to illegally crossing the border of Latvia;
  • foreign national declared "persona non grata";
  • foreign national convicted in the Republic of Latvia or abroad for a period of not less than three years (if after the expiration of a criminal record held not less than five years or the sentence has been revoked, the alien may apply for a residence permit);
  • were compensated for the departure for permanent residence abroad (except foreigners, who, during an award were minors, foreigners who have paid the consideration received;
  • inviter has lost the right to stay in the Republic of Latvia;
  • has not been respected the period prescribed by part four of Article 24 of the Immigration Act, except when a foreign citizen can prove that the term is omitted for good reason;
  • alien entered the military or other public service of a foreign state;
  • it is suspected that a foreign citizen entered a sham marriage to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia;
  • alien works or has worked in the past year without a labor contract;
  • the sponsor in writing revokes the call;
  • the sponsor was missing, lost the ability to have died;
  • to a foreign citizen has compromising information that forms the basis for the prohibition on entry and stay in the Republic of Latvia.

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