Latvia is of interest from different points of view. This is a European state, a member of the EU and the Schengen area, proximity of Russia and provides excellent opportunities for recreation, treatment and cosmetology. Acquisition of real estate in Latvia an opportunity to get a Schengen visa and travel freely throughout Europe. Russian interest has always been high on the Old Riga and Jurmala. Now the real estate market dipped by 25-35%, and in some segments of up to 60%, so a... Подробнее

July 1, 2010 came into force changes in the law Latviskoy Republic "On Immigration", provide an opportunity for foreign investors to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia for a period of 5 years and on this basis to move freely within the Schengen area. One way to get a temporary residence permit is to purchase real estate in Latvia. * Riga planning region is located in the central part of Latvia, and its center is Riga. In the territory of the region includes... Подробнее